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"This year, the original story of a Yankee peddler passing through the village, inviting attendees to not only come along for the ride, but hop in the carriage and take the reins, returns with some exciting additions throughout January and February. These characters strengths lie  in the inherent knowledge they have in the village and time period as well as the improvisational skills necessary in their day-to-day activities... The experience is submersive and interactive."  -Worcester Magazine, January 25, 2018

"I couldn’t picture the kids paying attention for the full two hours... As the adventure went on, however, I could indeed picture it. Over those two hours, we helped make candles, wield a two-man saw and grind up sage for cooking. We were yelled at by the school marm, fascinated by the blacksmith, explored the general store, and petted a horse. And they loved it. By the time it was over and we were on our way to the gift shop, both John and Beulah were gushing about how awesome the place was and how they couldn’t wait to come back. Yep, I couldn’t have pictured it going this well." -The Herald News, February 4, 2018

"Set in a rural New England village in 1838, audience members had the chance to be characters in Midwinter Mischief: A Yankee Peddler by P.J. Griffith, of New York, at Old Sturbridge Village on Saturday. OSV interpreters were based on 30 real-life characters from the 1830s who could have crossed paths in Sturbridge, including Sturbridge physician Ephraim Lyon, Sturbridge stagecoach driver Silas Marsh Freeman,  Sturbridge wheelwright Ezekiel Mayo in 1793, and Sturbridge farmer’s daughter Beulah Freeman." -The Sturbridge Villager, February 2, 2018

“A hybrid somewhere in the realm of a murder mystery dinner, an escape room and an educational walking tour of the museum’s grounds, the theatrical presentation will be taking place over the next three weekends... Visitors will wander along the trail deep into the village where they meet with costumed storytellers, artisans and villagers who tell tall tales of the peddler’s adventures and schemes.” -Worcester Telegram & Gazette, February 2 2017

"It’s kind of a hunt through the village for this peddler, and the audience keeps missing him by a step and the characters there (at each stop) are talking directly to the audience about what’s going on... it’s taking it out of this really important history (feel) and making it a half-educational and half-fun, crazy, mischievous experience." -The New Haven Register, February 1, 2017

“An exciting new theatrical experience that the Village ... an innovative, new way to experience New England's premier living history museum... This new experience combines theatrical storytelling, historical interpretation and period dining to create an interactive and intimate journey through the Village.” -Broadway World, January 19, 2017

Opening Day Audience Reactions, February, 4, 2017

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“Haunted by History — A Phantasmagoria is a wonderful ‘treat’ with a number of clever theatrical ‘tricks’ included in the half-hour presentation, running several times a day throughout the Halloween season. The show, written and directed by P.J. Griffith, is extremely well constructed and executed, featuring four actors who ‘bring back from the dead’ several historically significant figures in the immersive experience... There is a clever use of light, mist and shadows used throughout the show... As each character reveals a crucial piece of pivotal, historically significant detail (sometimes flattering, sometimes not) an image is presented on the ceiling of the Center Meetinghouse. Another wonderful plot device used by Griffith... All four actors have fine tuned their performances and are totally in sync with Griffith’s material. The show enlightens, informs, and most of all, entertains.” -Worcester Telegram & Gazette, October 18, 2017

“For those of you who relish in the spooky glory of haunted houses, séance and the spirit world, then this theatrical phantasmagoria was designed with you in mind. ‘Haunted by History’ walks you through the Old Sturbridge Village, where you'll conjure up your own set of New England spirits of the past. Follow Dr. Lantornia, who will beckon you to a séance where you'll encounter several 19th century ghosts with ‘unfinished business.’ Written by theater vet P.J. Griffith (‘American Idiot’, ‘Sleep No More’), the cast is brimming with NYC talent.” -Stage Agent,  10/21/17

 "A séance, encountering the ghosts of several New England figures who died in the 19th century with unfinished business... we find out all is not as it seems and Dr. Lantornia has ulterior motives for his Phantasmagoria... The cast of HAUNTED BY HISTORY consists of four gifted actors from NYC." -Broadway World, October 3, 2017

“It had an appropriately creepy start. I actually learned quite a bit about the "ghosts" that were portrayed. The description recommends it for children at least 14, but that may be because of attention span; the ghosts had a lot to say! I wouldn't think it was too scary for a 10-year-old, but they might lose interest. I overheard a pair of junior-high-age students discussing it afterwards; they liked it. 4.5/5 Stars.” -Goldstar Events, October 23, 2017